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Scottish Island Radio


Scottish Island Radio will major on celtic folk music and increasingly I hope to introduce voices in a talk show format to showcase the islands in particular.

Please get in touch with any thoughts or for further information.



A new Scottish radio station broadcasting from off  the West Coast of Scotland


Scottish Island Radio will be broadcasting a wide range of music styles twenty four hours a day but with a focus on drawing attention to the Scottish Islands.


New Music added.

New Music Added


The station receives regular submission of new songs.  I have added the following tracks to the schedules  today.

  1. Totten Bridge: I Can’t Leave Us Behind and  Please Don’t Love Me.
  2. Christine Sako: Warmth.
  3. Marco Stern: Coming Home.

January 2024

New Developments

Scottish Island Radio was initially created over two years ago but bringing it on as a project is something I have been holding back on until now.

I’m delighted to be able to devote more time to the radio station this year. The three most important priorities that will impact on listeners are:

  1. To create and manage ongoing scheduling of themed music segments throughout the week.
  2. To begin to introduce live broadcasting on an ad hoc basis with the aim of producing a regular weekly show.
  3. Based on the experience gained further shows may be possible and will aim to introduce other voices to host these new slots.
Listen Scottish Island Radio on your commute.

The morning commute.

Wide range of music styles.

Scotland Internet radio. Listen to Scottish Island Radio on your way home.

Broad range of popular music.
Listen on your evening commute.

Late night interent radio from Scotland.  Listen to Scottish Island Radio

Slower gentle traditional music.
Ideal for bedtime.
Listen to fall asleep.

Scottish Island Radio Listen to  an internet radio station based in Scotland

A mixture of soul and jazz.

Starting in June 2021

Scottish Island Radio has licensing arrangements in place to broadcast music throughout Scotland, the rest of the UK, all of the USA and Canada.